Niemand wil veranderen en verandermanagement is dan ook complete en vooral dure onzin.


In een complexe wereld kan niemand nog alleen werken. Toch gaan alle ketensamenwerkingen op de schop.


Ondernemen is ergens iets MEE doen als je er niets kunt AAN doen. Bedrijven kunnen niet zonder (interne) ondernemers.

De Klant

Al decennialang een actueel onderwerp. Er is dan ook nog nooit zoveel onzin verteld als over klantgerichtheid.

Hot topics: sense and nonsense

My presentations are updated almost on a daily basis.
The most popular topics of the past months are listed above.

One hype stumbles over the next in management(theory)land: Customer Experience Management, Lean, Net Promoter Score, belches galore!
I have studied most of them in great detail over the past 30 years. Together with many others I have come to the conclusion that none of them are based upon real, relevant research that guarantees their reliability.

The goal justifies the means

What we do agree upon, is that, whatever new management tool you want to implement, the ultimate goal is to get everybody in your organisation to act.
I would therefore love to contribute to the launch and/or reinforcement of YOUR newest tool.
We can set this up as a presentation or as a workshop.
Choose any of the proven templates on this website and  together we will transform it into a perfectly tailor-made session.

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The number of meeting hours in an organisation is a barometer for the lack of leadership.
Guido Thys in "Zombiebusiness"